Jan 12, 2013

I am currently working on piecing together large amounts of video for the second upload to my YouTube channel.  It is very frustrating trying to figure out how I should go about reformatting my videos so that they are ready for editing, but I think that I’ve finally found a system that seems to work the most efficiently out of all the methods so far.  (However, it is so complicated of a process that I had to make note so that I wouldn’t forget!) 

The video itself has a sort of short-film feeling to it, I guess, and is more or less a reflection on my life as a grade twelve student, who is struggling with coming to terms with the person he truly feels he is inside.  It explains my reasons behind my desire to begin connecting with others through YouTube and why I weigh on it so heavily to help shape my future as an artist and as a teenager entering into the world of the adults.  

My hope is that you will stick around to see the video when it is complete!